A Day You'd Remember

by Zealandia

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released June 10, 2015

Damon - Guitar, Vocals
Andy - Bass, Vocals
Casey - Drums



all rights reserved


Zealandia Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: A Brief Connection
It's in and out like a tv station that you're not really supposed to get
Fuzzy flashes of an enticing truth that you were never allowed to know yet

While the idiots hail and clamour for presence
We give up our soulmates for convenience

It seems black and white and are you alright when your head is still full of doubt
We're lost and broken and we've got no one left around
Four thousand light years from the last radio

It's alright for you to think about it
I know everybody does
Track Name: A Day You'd Remember
Little girl, you're so complete
But I don't let that bother me
I'd bought your face, you were in my show
But you trashed the set and got your own

Kick my head off into the sun
You dropped the line, we're breaking up

Little girl, you're all grown up
And none of that is because of luck
It's not my place, it's up for rent
So I'll scrape my life clean again

you meet someone, fall in love, settle down and pick at each other until your souls fall out
I thought we could run away, but instead you hired me, a stripper for your bachelorette party

I'm your escape hatch, we’re undone
I’m your escape hatch, opening up
Track Name: Hangups
I want you to know that there was no hope already
You came from the unknown
I think you broke my nose

You're never alone
You've left a pile of dead bodies
There is no you, only eyes that I'll never quite see behind

You own the world
My love is new and unsteady
I'm out in the unknown
I look back once and you're gone

How can I go home tonight with everything you've done
You're like an angel, but you've put my lights out
I'm disconnected

There's something wrong with you
There's everything wrong with me
Track Name: The Line
The line came back into focus well after it had been crossed
So you can stop pulling punches, and I'll stop saying anything of value at all

If you're gonna keep pushing us away, you'll get so angry when we leave
If you're gonna keep telling jokes, we might laugh

The joke came back around at me well after I was done and broken
So you can keep laughing at it, but I never got anything about it
Track Name: Passive Stares
In the morning, I go to work
In a giant psychopath, I'm sure
Strangled by passive stares and mumbled apologies
I'm sure that it knows how to laugh

In the evening, I go to sleep
Mumbling my best apology
From my room, I want to write
A song for someone all alone

Desperation, we open up to it
Desperation, we open up to run

Now it's over, and I'm scared
I'll never make it to the phone
Now I've made up, fucked up, been in control
I'm sure I could teach you, but I'm all alone

It doesn't accomplish anything
But we do it anyway
Don't give in to the airwaves
That brought you this today